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Rene Guinot Tanning

A pleasurable self-tanning and conditioning treatment your chosen area will be prepared with exfoliation to ensure a perfectly even tan, followed by the relaxing application of Rene Guinot Auto Bronze cream to face and body. A safe and effective way to get a superb tan quickly, brighten a winter complexion or to maintain a post-holiday glow. 

  • Rene Guinot Full Body

    Indulge yourself with the richest looking tan applied in the most luxurious way, includes a complete face and body exfoliation, massage application of a moisturising self-tanning auto bronze. A moisturising self-tanning treatment ensures a long-lasting even natural looking tan. Beginning with a gentle facial exfoliation followed by full body exfoliation with lemon, tangerine and bergamot scrub to perfectly prep skin. Then expert application of Rene Guinots self- tanning “Auto Bronze” with its subtle fragrance and aloe vera wraps the body with moisture and softens the skin. For a golden, glowing, copper-coloured tan with natural highlights!